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The Cancer Killer - Supplements That Destroy Cancer

Cancer Killers: Supplements That Destroy Cancer

Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ, Zormus, & more

Cancer Killers
Cancer Killers - These are antibodies fighting cancer cells
This strategy covers some strong cancer killers that are completely safe to healthy cells. Many are unique, so neither your doctor or your alternative health professional is likely to have heard of them. By the way, while the feedback from users of Zeolite Enhanced now with DHQ has been superb, with many people saying that it alone got rid of the cancer in their body after they had been sent home to die, it is not the best supplement covered in this report. Though we have heard many reports of people recovering from cancer using it alone, it is always best to use at least several different supplements to beat cancer.
When chemotherapy and radiation therapy are used to kill the cancerous cells, they harm healthy cells in the process. In fact, they can kill people faster than the cancer would have done. This report focuses on natural supplements that do a good job of killing cancerous cells, but don't cause harm to your body. A few natural supplements suggested for fighting cancer may have the potential to be toxic to the body, and should probably just be used in conjunction with a naturopath or alternative doctor. These include cesium, artemisia, and B17. In this report you will learn only about completely safe cancer supplements that can be used with no supervision.
You may well ask why, if a safe and natural product is a cancer killer, your doctor doesn’t recommend it. The answer is simple. Your doctor probably doesn't know about it, but even if he or she did, they are not likely to use it.
This is because of the nature of the medical/drug industry. Doctors use and recommend drugs that are approved in a process that costs hundreds of millions of dollars. Because of this high cost, the drug companies will only make drugs that can be patented. That way they can sell them for huge mark-ups and have no competition. Unfortunately, because these drugs have been altered from nature, which they must be to be patented, they become toxic in your body, with harmful side effects. Your body can handle natural foods and herbs, the altered ones have toxic side-effects because your body can’t handle them. This is the reason why the biggest cause of deaths in the US is from medical drugs.
Because of the cost of getting approval for drugs, no company would ever take an unpatentable natural product through the drug approval process. Consequently natural supplements aren't tested in multi-million dollars trials so can't be approved by the FDA to be used for cancer or whatever other health condition they may help. (Not that the FDA would approve a natural supplement that threatened the drug companies they are in bed with.) As they are not approved, doctors, or at least most doctors, won't use them, and most don't even know about them.
Alternative doctors not blinded by the medical/drug industry, find that a comprehensive approach to fighting cancer using powerful supplements along with chemotherapy, works much better than only using drugs and other treatments that harm the body. But for now you have to turn to other resources to find safe cancer killers. One of the best has proven, through anecdotal use, to be a special liquid zeolite.
When fighting a cancer, you are always more likely to succeed if you fight it in several different ways. Many many people have got rid of cancer using one or two products only, but some people have a tougher cancer or are in poorer health and must do much more to be successful. If you have time on your side, you can always try one or two of the best supplements to see if they can get the job done on their own. If you find this is not working for you, giving you good improvement in a month or two, take it as a warning that your body needs more support than you have been giving it. And use more anti-cancer, health promoting supplements to more vigorously go after the cancer. Let's start by telling you about a supplement that for years has been helping folks beat cancers.
Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ
For years Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ has been one of the best cancer killers we have seen. It even works better now when you use it with BLA. In fact, I've seen it work well so consistently for so many years, with no problems or safety issues, I shake my head in wonder when I come across an article questioning its safety or effectiveness. They just don't know.
True, none of the other zeolites test near as strong as Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ does. Not by a long shot. And there is a liquid zeolite company making an enhanced zeolite with dhq that tests worse than most. So it is possible to get fooled into using a zeolite that doesn't work near as well as what I'm recommending here.
We've seen many testimonials where someone only took Zeolite Enhanced, or Zeolite Enhanced and another product or two, and got over a tough cancer.
For example, Theresa was giving Zeolite Enhanced only to her sister with advanced small cell lung cancer that had spread to the liver. Small cell lung cancer, if you are not aware of this, is one of the most aggressive and deadly cancer. And spreading to a major organ like the liver didn't make likelihood of survival any better. Yet after several months of only using Zeolite Enhanced, the cancer was completely gone. She said, "The doctors call it a miracle, but we call it Zeolite Enhanced!"
In July 08 I was told that my PSA was 28. A Biopsy was performed which confirmed that I had a most aggressive prostrate cancer (4+5=9) on the Gleason score, bone scan plus MRI followed. My scan and MFI showed that my bones were clear but the cancer had progressed into my lymph glands. The doctor recommended that I start hormone therapy before starting chemotherapy, after 3 months of the hormone therapy. On looking on the internet I came across Zeolite Enhance, this I have been taking since the beginning of August at a dose of 120 drops per day. Yesterday the 29th Oct. 3 months after starting to take zeolite I had an appointment with my doctor, only to be told that my PSA was now 4.1 and that I didn't need any further treatment except to continue with the 3 monthly hormone injections with a revisit to the doctors in 6 months. If you wish to use my name and address, please fill free to do so! Yours, Mike Player
Zeolite works exceptionally well at fighting cancer as an informal 14 month study a number of years ago showed.
65 people with mostly stage 4 cancer, who had a prognosis of about 2 months to live, were given a type of liquid zeolite. At the end of the study, 51 people were cancer free and six more were alive, but still fighting cancer. This is a 78% cure rate for terminal cancer, an incredible 89% survival rate.
This study was actually similar to what happens in the real world. There was no control as to what drugs people were taking, or what other protocols they were on. Every person in the study basically answered an ad in a newspaper that said, "If your doctor has given up on you, call us." So they were mostly people who had late stage cancer, whose doctors had sent them home to get their affairs in order.
Throughout the study, many patients used some sort of adjunctive treatment. For example, a lung cancer patient was told to go home and get his affairs in order. After three months on this liquid zeolite, he was feeling much better. He went back to his oncologist, who suggested that he was strong enough to undergo more chemotherapy and radiation. So he stayed on the zeolite, but he also went on chemo and radiation at that point.
Not bad for a bunch of folks sent home to die.
Testimonies for the liquid Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ that we recommend have been impressive.
Great Great news my mum has had confirmation that her lung cancer has gone. Thanks to everyone a miracle has happened.  I will now cut the supplements down, and the remaining supplements I will cut the dosage.
Kind Regards,
Margaret P
(She was using Zeolite Enhanced and about 20 other products suggested in this report for just a few months.)
“My dog was diagnosed in August as having a malignant tumor. He had accidentally bumped his head about two weeks earlier, & a large lump had quickly developed. The vet more or less wrote him off, as his insurance would not have covered the large sums of money involved in providing treatment. Also, he's about ten years old, a large dog, & I really didn't want him to have to endure the upset of receiving scans, radiotherapy, etc. In my desperation to help him I searched the internet for something that would treat cancer. I soon found a site which pointed me in your direction. So, I started to treat him with Liquid Zeolite with DHQ on 3rd September. For a few weeks it was difficult to see any difference in the tumor. Although his arthritic condition improved, as well as his chest problems.[ He had begun to cough & splutter during the summer.]
Within the last few weeks however, it has become obvious that the tumor has started to shrink. Although it's difficult to be accurate, I would say that it has shrunk by as much as half. So hopefully, it will be gone by Christmas. I have been giving him 25 drops four times a day.... Perhaps you think that I'm overdosing, but the cancer is so virulent that I thought that a high dosage was best. I have been telling everyone I meet about liquid zeolite, because I can see that it really works. Hopefully, by making people aware of it lives will be saved. I just wanted to let you know what has happened, & to thank you for all your help. I will let you know of any further progress.”
   John H
I am delighted to tell you that I have received my order in the post this morning. I am so relieved as I realize that Christmas post could have caused the delay! My father is taking the medication following a course of radiotherapy for inoperable throat cancer. Over the last few days we have noticed that the huge lump on the side of his neck has almost disappeared and yesterday he was able to eat solid food for the first time in a few weeks. We are continuing to give my father the treatment and will update you on his condition. Thank you for your kind  and attentive service.
Janice P.
Janice's father was using Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ and the Koch energy formulas.
(While Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ can do wonders on its own, you are best off to use a comprehensive approach that involves numerous ways to correct the underlying conditions that caused the cancer.)
More remarkable results....
"Jeff and I went to Emory yesterday, the 29th for his follow up visit. He had gone from a 12,000 tumor marker down to a 10.2 and they scheduled him to come back in three months for his check up, not every six weeks.
He and I would like to thank you so very much for all your help and recommendations. You have been an answer to many, many prayers. God has blessed you with information that needs to be shared with so many other people around the world. Thanks for all you do and the very much needed help you have provided.... Thanks again, our lives will never be the same !!"     Jennifer J.
(He had used for about one month Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ and a couple of other supplements recommended here.)
How zeolite works as a cancer killer.
According to information in United States Patent 6,288,045, zeolite can, when pulled into cancer cells, activate the P21 gene which tells a cancer cell to die, or literally, according to this patent, destroy the nucleus of cancerous cells.
Zeolite is a negatively charged volcanic mineral that naturally attracts positively charged toxins to it. (All toxins are positively charged.) It traps them in its cage-like structure. In other words, it absorbs toxins. Zeolite's negative ionic charge turns slightly positive after it is full of the positively charged toxins it has absorbed. Normal cells have a neutral charge while cancer cells have a slightly negative electrical charge. So the now slightly positively charged zeolite molecule is attracted to cancer cells.
The energetic frequencies in Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ increase the ability of the zeolite to find cancer cells.
Once inside the cancer cells, zeolite kills them two ways, according to the Zeolite Patent.
  1. Zeolite activates the p21 gene. The function of the p21 gene is to tell the cancer cell to die. P21 acts as a tumor suppressor as it controls cell cycle progression. The activation of P21 appears to halt the growth of tumors by directly suppressing growth signals. In in-vitro studies, all cancer cells tested were destroyed in 72 hour. There are no side effects because it specifically targets cancer cells as it is not attracted to normal healthy cells.

  2. Even more important, the tri metallic part of the zeolite destroys the nucleus of the cancer cells it enters. Some cancer cells are destroyed in an outward burst of the cytoplasm. In other cases cells are destroyed when their wall and membrane collapse after the nucleus is destroyed.

    Most often, after the nucleus and the cytoplasm are destroyed, the entire cellular contents dissipate into the surrounding environment. The membranes of these now dead cancer cells remain intact, but no cellular structures are left.
Because zeolite's ionic charge, when full of toxins, pulls it to cancer cells only, it does not kill healthy cells.
Zeolite improves health in several other ways.
It chelates and removes heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and other toxins from your body. It does this in a hierarchical manner. Studies show that it is most attracted to lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and other heavy metals. Once the amount of heavy metals are depleted, it starts to work on getting rid of pesticides, herbicides, plastics, and so forth. It also acts as a natural trap of viral particles which stops production of the viruses.
Because it traps toxins in its molecular structure and carries them out of the body as it is easily eliminated within 6 hours or so, it detoxifies without overloading the detoxification system in your body. It takes a strain off the liver and kidneys.
As toxins are an underlying cause of almost all cancers, taking zeolite on a regular basis is an excellent cancer preventative. Especially as it can kill any cancer cells that may develop.
Zeolite traps free radicals in its molecular structure so it acts as a free radical scavenger.
Zeolite will help normalize pH levels.
And boosts the immune system as it increases levels of CD4 immune system molecules.
One important additional benefit when the liver is functioning poorly...
Ammonia is a toxin that has no place in a healthy body. Thousands of people with liver and kidney disease die every year from too much ammonia in their blood. The average person can handle low levels of ammonia in their blood, but even a low level adds stress to the immune system, and compromises health.
Most ammonia forms in the body when protein is broken down by un-friendly bacteria in the intestines. It is also produced by parasites, yeasts and molds. These organisms produce ammonia both as a waste product, but also as a mechanism to keep their host (your body) in an unhealthy state. And as candida yeast is almost always overgrown and infecting the whole body of someone with cancer, you may well have high levels of ammonia in your body.
A healthy liver converts ammonia into urea, which is then eliminated in urine. A benefit of dietary zeolite is its ability to remove ammonia directly from your body, which means less stress on your liver and kidneys. A big bonus for your health if your liver is weak. Of course, reduced ammonia is also a bonus for healthy digestion, pathogens and parasites are weakened, and beneficial bacteria can better recolonize.
For this reason the use of dietary zeolite may be very helpful if your liver is not working properly. Ammonia that remains unprocessed because the liver is not working up to par can enter the bloodstream and invade the central nervous system, causing many dangerous effects. Even your brain can be affected. In advanced cases of liver disease, for example, the ammonia may cause at first a mild mental aberration which can progress to coma, and ultimately, death. Increased levels of ammonia in the blood are characteristic of liver failure.
Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ is a frequency enhanced liquid zeolite, that is, based on our energetic testing and a lot of feedback from users, the most effective zeolite supplement available. The best by a very large margin.
We could recommend any of the zeolite supplements, and originally recommended the Original Activated Liquid Zeolite as the best one. It was at the time. However, when we were introduced to Zeolite Enhanced, with the DHQ being added on a bit later, we switched our recommendation.
I have the luxury of having the freedom to, and in fact the desire to change my recommendations when I come across a supplement better than the supplement I am currently recommending. I have done so many times with many products. The outcome being that the recommended supplements on this site are much stronger cancer fighters than the recommended supplements were a couple of years ago. By a wide margin.
Manufacturers who make a particular flagship product can't change if someone else develops a better version. They have too much invested in their original product so they try to convince you theirs is better. Multi-level marketing distributors of the original activated liquid zeolite, aren't likely to change either because they have a downline earning them an income by selling the activated liquid zeolite, for example.
My vision is different. I'm always looking for the best products to help people with cancer or other illnesses for that matter. What this site recommended a few years ago is vastly different from what we suggest now. When we find better and more effective supplements, we change. Though it makes a lot more work for us as we are always having to revise our recommendations.
It is not that the original zeolite wasn't helping people, it was. It's just that by every means by which we evaluate supplements, including feedback from users, Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ is significantly better. This means that it could help more people beat cancer. As I try on this site to give the best information I can to help people beat cancer, I change when something better comes along.
Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ became my recommendation for two main reasons. First, the energetic testing which we use to help determine what supplements have the best cancer fighting abilities, gives it the highest rating among the zeolites, by far. This energetic testing is an art though quantum physics does offer an explanation why it can work if you learn how to do it properly.
Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ is superior in three ways.
1. The patented manufacturing process designed to make the zeolite better able to be transported throughout the body.
2. The particular frequency enhancing that is done on it.
3. The addition of DHQ to the humic acid molecules holding the zeolite significantly enhances the ability of the zeolite to get transported throughout the body. Delivering more zeolite to cancer cells, and getting more of that zeolite actually into those cancer cells where it can kill them.
Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ is an excellent heavy metal chelator as this test shows.
Cancer Killers - Metal Study
Zeolite is only attracted to cancer cells after it has absorbed as many toxins as it can hold. When its cage is full. (That's when its ionic charge has changed enough to attract it to cancer cells.) So it will fill up sooner, and get attracted to cancerous cells sooner than zeolites with an empty cage.
Independent labs have tested Zeolite Enhanced for safety. Results show no bacterial load at normal usage levels. (<10 is as low as it can get.)
Cancer Killers - Zeolite DHQ Lab Report
The humic acid in Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ is a pathogen killer. And in addition ,the DHQ added to Zeolite Enhanced has a large body of science behind it proving that it is an excellent food preservative. So effective, safe and healthy for you, in fact, it may eventually replace all the toxic food preservatives in the food you eat. You get double protection with Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ.
The Frequency Enhancing Story
What actually first made Zeolite Enhanced better than all other zeolites, was that it had been energized or imbued with special vibrational frequencies 8 or 9 different ways. This creates three cancer killing activities, all equally important.
1. The energetic frequencies enhance the zeolite's capability to be attracted to cancerous cells. So you get more zeolite to those cells. Making Zeolite Enhanced more effective.
2. These special frequencies improve the ability of the zeolite to enter cancer cells. And that's the name of the game when you are fighting cancer with zeolite. You see, these special vibrational frequencies send messages to cells, influencing what they do. They communicate with your cells. The frequencies in Zeolite Enhanced influence cancer cells to take the zeolite into the cell.
3. Finally, the specific frequencies that energize Zeolite Enhanced are able to kill cancer cells on their own. Cancer cells have a low vibrational frequency but they naturally must try to match or entrain to the high frequencies in Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ when you get these frequencies into your body. This ends up killing the cancer cell because they don’t operate at those frequencies. The same frequencies make your healthy cells stronger.
Zeolite Enhanced has homoeopathically activated natural paramagnetic and diamagnetic substances enclosed in the humic molecules along with the zeolite. These supply additional healing energies to the liquid.
The interesting thing about the value of frequency enhancing, or at least the extensive frequency enhancing that Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ has, is how big a difference it made in its potency - according to our energetic testing. Zeolite manufacturers and distributors naturally try to sell you the product they have and sell. So they tout their cleaned cage, or how they have the real original process, or their nano processing and how they have so much zeolite in their liquid, a little falls out if you let it sit, or their ability to put the process the zeolite with the humic acid, etc. Yet in my energetic testing, all these zeolites, except the cheap one that sells just on price, though they claim they are the best, were about the same potency.
The original liquid zeolite, NCD, with the cleaned out molecular structure, energetically tests at 320. There is a SuperZ liquid that comes in at 312, the one that comes from the manufacture that puts the zeolite inside a humic acid molecule is 328. A Trinity liquid is 315. 360 zeolite is 330. Every other one I test is right in the same ballpark, except the ultra liquid zeolite (enhanced with DHQ) from the liquid zeolite company that claims to be the one I recommend. It tests at 270. Their Nano Cellular Zeolite is better, testing at 340. ORME zeolite with monatomic minerals comes in at 320. Even Zeolite powder comes in at 300. The reason Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ is my top recommendation is because it tests at 1150. The difference is primarily from the proprietary frequency enhancing that is used to boost its effectiveness. DHQ helps a bit too.
How DHQ improves Zeolite Enhanced
DHQ is a powerful free radical scavenger, and your body’s principal fat-soluble antioxidant. Much of your body’s free radical damage occurs in fats, such as cholesterol, and in fatty membranes of cells - exactly where Dihydroquercetin protects the body. As a major chain-breaking antioxidant (free radical scavenger), Dihydroquercetin halts the cascade of free radical damage in cells. About 40% of DHQ’s direct action fighting cancer is its free radical scavenging ability.
Research on DHQ shows that it may be used to reduce metastasis of tumor cells from different malignancies, including carcinomas, lymphomas, and sarcomas. And in fact this cancer killing ability is about 60% of its benefit when it comes to fighting cancer.
However, neither of these actions would have significantly increased the potency of Zeolite Enhanced. DHQ does something else that makes the difference. It has an ability to condition blood cells, that is, to make red blood cells softer and more flexible. This significantly improves circulation as the softer and more flexible red blood cells can more easily flow through tiny capillaries. This increased circulation enables more zeolite to get to cancer cells. This is what gives the energetic testing such a big boost, not the fact that it is "just an antioxidant".
(Frequency enhancing helps the zeolite be more effective at penetrating the cancer cells once it gets there.) The ability to get zeolite into cancer cells is the key to killing cancer. Look at what can happen when you greatly increase this ability.
Cancer Fighting Elixir Supercharges Cancer Killing Ability of Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ
When BLA is also being use, the cancer fighting power of Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ blasts up to 9700 in our testing. A remarkable jump in cancer killing effectiveness. This huge jump in cancer killing power happens because BLA, covered in the pH section of this site, causes a build up of lactic acid in cancer cells. It blocks their ability to pump out the lactic acid that is produced when cancer cells ferment sugar to make energy.
This buildup of lactic acid causes the ionic charge of the cancer cells to much more strongly attract zeolite to them -- and to better pull the zeolite into the cancer cells. And if you can get zeolite into the cancer cells, it is going to shred them up. With almost a 9 fold improvement in test results, this increase is substantial and makes a tremendous difference in zeolite's effectiveness in killing cancer cells.
If you are not needing to avoid cancer killers because you must keep inflammation to a minimum, Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ is always valuable to use, especially when using BLA too.

As a reminder: We recommend the energized Zeolite Enhanced with DH from Get Healthy Again, the supplier given in the resources section of this report. We do not recommend Liquid Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ from the Liquid Zeolite Company or any of its affiliates even though they advertise it heavily and claim it is authentic, whatever that means. At 270, it does not test near as strong.
Clearly, Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ is a remarkable product for fighting cancer. It's non-toxic, a great detoxifier, helps to improve pH levels, and the vibrational frequencies in it along with the DHQ increase the effectiveness of the zeolite at killing cancer cells. If the drug companies had drugs that would come anywhere close to this in effectiveness, they'd have every doctor prescribing them for cancer. There's no reason not to take this powerful cancer fighter.
"Hello my name is Robert and I have ordered Zeolite Enhanced in March for my mother and her cancer disappeared and totally dissolved. I might order again to keep following up, and to help other people . Thank you." Robert C.
It has been successfully used with chemotherapy and radiation - though you must stop it three days before any chemotherapy that uses a heavy metal such as platinum or lithium and wait 3 days after the chemotherapy so that it will not pull out the platinum or lithium. These include Cisplatin, Carboplatin, and Oxaliplatin for the platinum based therapies. Lithium may sometimes be given in conjunction with platinum chemotherapy.
For optimal results, using Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ to fight your cancer, use 3 bottles a month for an early stage cancer, and for an advanced stage cancer, use 6 bottles per month. Up to 9 bottles a month is suggested if you have a late stage cancer.
This next spray elixir is turning into one of the top cancer killers we have tested.
Zormus is a homeopathic beryllium formulation designed to reduce pain, inflammation, fatigue, and as stated in homeopathic literature -- to reduce cancer tumors. Homeopathy has been around for about two hundred years. When homeopathic literature states that a particular formulation does something, like reducing the size of cancer tumors, it states this because that is what has been observed in its use over those 200 years.
What sets Zormus apart from an ordinary homeopathic beryllium remedy is the fact that it has been supercharged, making it considerably more potent. It is energized with several different energizing technologies which makes it much more effective than ordinary homeopathic remedies.It is a powerful cancer killer to use -- especially when you need to avoid inflammation. Many users have reported pain reducing and tumor size reducing quickly when using Zormus.
Previous to mid-March 2012, these energizing technologies boosted the healing power of Zormus to a very strong 7800. But in mid-March 2012, Zormus was also put through the most advanced and powerful energizing technology we have tested, using a laser and gems in conjunction with other aspects of this technology. Potentizing Zormus with instructions to kill cancer cells, to reduce inflammation and pain, and a variety of other healing energies. It's energetic rating for fighting cancer skyrocketed to 14,200. Better still, the amount of bottles needed to be used per month dropped to a lower level.
It works synergistically with MC², one of our other top cancer fighters mentioned on the pH page.
While any supplement that kills cancer cells, or gets the immune system to kill cancer cells, causes the immune system to use inflammation to get rid of those killed cells, Zormus causes less inflammation than other cancer killers. This is because it is a powerful anti-inflammatory in its own right. This doesn't eliminate all the inflammation, but using Zormus reduces the inflammation and swelling greatly. It is the only cancer killer we suggest using when the tumor is in a place where you need to avoid swelling and inflammation, but there is no current pain or dysfunction. (There are many powerful cancer fighters that cause the cancer cells to die a natural death, which doesn't result in inflammation and swelling. These include PrugX, BLA, MC², and Honokare.)
For killing cancer Zormus comes in at 14,200 in our energetic testing when used in the amounts of 3, 4 or 6 bottles a month. Zormus comes in a one fluid ounce spray bottle.
It is also used for arthritis pain, general joint and muscle pain, headaches, flu, sore throat, deficient digestion and elimination, killing pathogens, and helps with depression or anxiety.

As with any cancer killing situation, supporting the liver, kidneys and lymph system is valuable as an aid in getting rid of dead cancer cells. Especially when using powerful cancer killers like Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ.
Other Cancer Killers
There is a cancer killing supplement on the internet that people ask about, a Miracle Mineral supplement great for malaria. Where the minerals may kill cancer cells too. Unfortunately, while it seems to work wonders for malaria, energetic testing puts this at a low 45 for cancer. It just doesn't work that well.
Cesium with some additional potassium and magnesium has been touted for fighting cancer. With some impressive results. It seems to be good but not great. Energetic testing puts it at 324 for fighting cancer. Take it while working with a doctor or naturopath as you can get your mineral levels messed up using it.
Artemisia has been touted by some as a cancer killer. There has been some concern about making sure you don't take too much of this herb. Though certainly it is much much safer than chemotherapy or any drug for that matter. Energetic testing puts its cancer fighting value at 230 when used in correct doses.
An extract from the Venus's Flytrap, is a highly touted cancer cell killer. It dissolves primitive cells including cancer cells but does not harm healthy cells. Energetic testing gives the high quality powder a healing power of 246. The liquid extract is better. It comes in at 327. Unfortunately it tends to be expensive and you need to use a lot of it.
Most chemotherapies, because of the damage they do to the body, and because of their low success rate, energetically test in a range from 30 to 40. Radiation therapy, if properly applied and focused on a tumor, is a 60. If the radiation damages too much other body tissue, it drops to a 25 in our energetic testing.
There are many other excellent cancer killers that focus on the underlying causes of cancer. So let's take a look at the best supplements for another effective cancer fighting strategy, boosting the response of the immune system.

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Anemia, most common at all. This is common to make some handles all anemia by giving iron compounds, and this may lead to severe damage kidney or heart failure).>

Lack of set:
1 - lack of food contained (most common) and constitutes 50-70% of reasons.
2 - gastrectomy leads to a lack of HCl.
3 - bowel resection.
4 - diseases of malabsorption (eg celiac disease).
5 - poor absorption of iron.
6 - hinder absorption materials, such as drinking tea and coffee.
7 - eat dirt (in the deviations of appetite).
8 - Turansvirin deficiency (a genetic disorder).

Increase the need for:
1 - baby
2 - Pregnancy
3 - puberty (due to the rapid increase in weight and menstrual haemorrhage in females)

Increase in waste:
1 - hemorrhages (bleeding such as gastrointestinal bleeding and Women).
2 - frequent blood donation.
3 - psychological problems (which makes a person withdraw amounts from the blood and delivered).
4 - intravascular hemolysis and leading to albuminuria or Imosiderenah Khaddabih

The most important food that is available in iron are:
1 - red meat, and peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, apricots, spinach and Swiss chard (milk food excellent, but it does not contain iron).
2 - poor absorption of iron is a very rare disease, its incidence of about 1 to two million people only, in which there is poor absorption of iron only (ie no mal-absorption of the year).
3 - in these cases must be taken twice daily need of iron.
4 - should be given to the infant iron compounds after the sixth month, and the reason is the increasing need for rapid growth during the first year.
5 - may be prima facie may be hidden (as in inflammation of the stomach and Alshadji diaphragmatic hernia, and some tumors of the colon).

Clinical demonstrations:
First - public demonstrations: the demonstrations of anemia in general.

II - special events:
1 - glossitis
2 - concave and spoon nails
3 - hair loss
4 - severe vulvar itching
5 - very severe dysphagia in Plummer Vinson syndrome
6 - splenomegaly in 10% of cases.
7 - deviation of appetite.

1 - a film screening of blood and Blood Picture shows a small-sized cells lacking pigment, a difference in the shapes and sizes of red blood cells (cells appear ring - Qlmah ...). (Ham), increasing the number of platelets (up to 400-500 A / mm 3).
2 - fresh examination: no longer used in the diagnosis: overactive note the chain-generating red and free of atoms Alimosideren dye after it was painted Pearl.
3 - Laboratory Tests: We note the following:
A - Low serum iron
- Increasing Turanseverin (total capacity Association)
C - the proportion of low-saturation:
Percentage of saturation = serum iron × 100
Binding capacity (Turanseverin)
D - Fartin low serum Ferritin is the most important.
4 - x-ray surveys are not important and no longer used.

Measure of iron deficiency anemia:
And depends on:
1 - find the cause and treatment: such as adjust the menstrual cycle, treat the cause of gastrointestinal bleeding.
Note: If the causative agent and a clear turn to the investigation of occult blood in the stool:

2 - prosthetic treatment:
The best way is to give iron by mouth, but there are special cases where we can not resort to this method (such as malabsorption), then we resort to the intramuscular route.
Special case: in iron-deficiency anemia in severe atrophy of intestinal villi in this case we resort to give the rate of iron compounds IM Hbabh / day for 10 days then turn to the oral compounds.

Important Notes:
 There is no difference in the speed of recovery between the oral route and the intramuscular route.
 Almalux may not be given (and the other antacids) with iron compounds at all.
 If the cause of oral administration of iron digestive problems (Akieouat - abdominal pain ...) resort to the intramuscular route.

3 - can be addressed Vitc (increases iron absorption), access to food rich in iron (red meat).

Duration of treatment:
Must continue to compensatory treatment for two months after the access to natural blood values ​​(in order to dictate the stores).

Warning: Very Good

Coffee may reduce the risk of deadly prostate cancer

Coffee may reduce the risk of deadly prostate cancer

Seems that men who drink coffee regularly have a lower risk of developing deadly form of prostate cancer, according to a new study by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, HSPH.
This has been shown that this effect of gravity Almenks demonstrated in men who drink regular coffee or decaf alike.
Lorelei Moses, an assistant professor in the Department of Epidemiology at HSPH, says: "The few studies to look into the relationship between coffee consumption and the risk of cancer, prostate killer, where is this form of cancer, the most important to take preventive measures against him.. The survey, which we made the largest - even history - including a study for this relationship. " Mean prostate cancer killer cancer that causes death or spreads to the bones.
Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in terms of diagnosis, and comes in second place in mortality due to cancer among men in America. It affects one sixth of men during the period of their lives. In America there are more than two million survivors of prostate cancer, whereas the figure to 16 million worldwide.
"Until the present time, we lack the understanding of risk factors that can be changed or controlled in order to reduce the risk of cancer, prostate killer. If proven correct the results of this study, the coffee will then prepare a factor adjustable, which can reduce the risk of infection as the most dangerous cancer prostate, "Catherine Wilson.
Researchers chose to study coffee because it contains several compounds useful as anti-oxidant function and reduce inflammation and regulate insulin; Each of these functions can affect the prostate cancer. He has proven in previous studies of the impact of coffee-reducing the risk of both Parkinson's disease, type 2 diabetes, gallstones disease, and cancer of the liver and scarring of the liver.
This study looks at the relationship between drinking coffee and risk of prostate cancer, particularly the risk of aggressive form of it. The study involved 47,911 American men have logged the amount of their consumption of coffee every 4 years, between 1986 and 2008. During the study period 5035 recorded a case of prostate cancer, including 642 fatal or where he got metastases.
Among the results:

- The risk of any form of prostate cancer in men who drank the largest amount of coffee (6 cups or above), was lower by about 20%.

- The risk of deadly form of cancer in the same group of men less than 60%.

- This reduction in risk found in men who drank regular coffee or decaf, so it seems that this decrease is not related to caffeine.

- Drink a cup to three cups of coffee a day associated with the infection rate of 30% less deadly form of prostate cancer.

- Those who drink coffee - often - to smoke more and exercise less exercise. As these habits and other lifestyle-related factors that increase the risk of advanced prostate cancer, has been controlled in the study (to avoid the causal relationship is not real). However, it remained coffee-reducing effect of gravity.

Must be checked from the results reached in this study with additional populations of people who eat different amounts of coffee, including a large number of cases of prostate cancer killer. If confirmed, this information, it will be added to the rest of the health benefits of coffee. The authors now plan further research to understand the exact mechanisms that affect coffee to reduce the seriousness of prostate cancer killer.
The study was published in the 17 \ May \ 2011 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. It also got support from the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health, the American Institute for Cancer Research, the Foundation for prostate cancer.

Diseases of the male prostate

Prostate is a component of the male reproductive system (ie it does not exist in women), which like the lemon in size and located in front of the rectum and under the urinary bladder, and passes through the urethra urinary procedure, which carries urine from the bladder into the urethra urinary outside of the penis (ie the penis for men) and within prostate meets the urethra and semen to be one course to the external urinary urethra, so any swelling or inflammation of the prostate tumor or reflect negatively on the efficiency of sexual function for men as well as symptoms of weakness and delayed entry into the urine
The functions of the prostate gland
Not recognized by scientists to date on all the functions of the prostate but what is known of them is the secretion of the prostate for the media during sex helps the liquid to feed the gametes sperm of a man and a supply of energy that helps the movement of gametes to reach the location of the egg in the woman's uterus, and reduce the acidity of the vagina When the woman acidity that hinder the life of gametes sperm of the man for this reason attributed this gland of the male reproductive system was attributed to the urinary system. Another advantage is the prostate secretion of anti-bacteria, which help prevent bacterial infections of the urine
Symptoms of prostate disease
Prostate disease such as inflammation or amplify lead to symptoms such as weakness and cut off the flow of urine, frequent urination especially at night, premature ejaculation, and the presence of blood or pus with the semen or urine, and pain in the back and buttocks (Note: Some of these symptoms may have causes other than prostate disease)
How to maintain the health of the prostate
A man can maintain a healthy prostate and free of inflammation as well as of protection against cancer by many things such as
The walk from the urine before and after sexual intercourse and preventive of the things that reduce the chances of bacterial infection of the urinary and genital tract in women and men (including the prostate in men). If the urologists and reproductive advised to walk from the urine and cleaning oneself after sexual intercourse has preceded them to the Prophet Mohammed, prayers of God be upon him and who did not give the Muslims a license to sleep without walking from the urine if I like to delay ghusl In Sahih Al-Bukhari from Ibn Umar that Omar ibn al-Khattab asked the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: Oerkd us a hand? He said (that the Messenger of Allah): (If one of you wudoo Vlerkd a side
Intercourse with a woman from the back (that is, in her back passage) or the practice of homosexuality is one of the things that lead to infections and diseases of the great men and women has been observed to increase prostate disease in men who practice homosexuality a sin and disobedience. The intercourse with a woman in her back passage of the things which are forbidden by Islam has forbidden the full and clear did not give women the license even stay with her husband. In the hadeeth narrated by Ibn Majah The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him "God is not ashamed of the truth. Do not come women in Oajazhen). In Sunan Abi Dawood from Abu Hurayrah said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him:" Cursed is the one came with his wife in her rectum
Demonstrated many of the scientific studies of the risk of smoking on the health of the prostate where he is involved in inflammation and as an adjunct to hit cancer, so the stop and quit smoking are important in maintaining a healthy prostate, and has called for Islam to save the five things which the soul and mind, wealth, religion and supply .. Now that I agree doctors and scientists on the damage smoking, affecting at least four points of the first called by Islam to save them, the scholars find no shame in the prohibition of smoking, based on the many verses of the Koran and the Hadith, which include: God said .. (and replace them with good things, and prohibits them as evil) and smoke from the evil of harmful and smelly .. (do not throw yourselves into destruction) and smoke a cause of deadly diseases such as cancer and tuberculosis, and God said (and kill yourselves) and the smoke died slowly of the same, and God said: (, but the sin is greater than will benefit them) and smoke more harm than good, but all damage
Obscenity and sin of adultery a major source of infection prostate infections considerable some may be difficult treatment which damages the tissues of the prostate, turning it instead from a member of juicy and moist facilitates the process of urine and sexual contact to a rock rough deaf deprive the owner of the grace of enjoying sex and turned his life into hell with increased symptoms of difficulty in urination or Ahtbash In the new research found that prostate cancer than men who engaged in adultery, found researchers at the University of Illinois U.S. after the follow-up 1456 of men aged 40-64 years, the risk of men with prostate cancer increases with the presence of several partners of the opposite sex , just like women who are at increased risk of cervical cancer in the case of several partners of men. They noted that the risk of disease in men who identified forbidden relations with 30 people or more sexual partners increased between the age of forty or sixty nearly doubled, compared with men in the same age group who have had only one partner. The Illinois researchers to repeat the sexual practices are limited to one partner does not affect the development of prostate cancer in men, after the exclusion of risk factors such as age, race, age sex when the man first, and a genetic predisposition to the disease. The campus of our religion adultery and even the campus is also what leads to the preliminaries of adultery such as being alone with a woman or looking at the taboos (the Almighty said: "And come not near adultery, it was shameful and an evil way," Al-Isra: 32) as the status of Islam approach is unique for the prevention of immorality sexual and is urging young people to marry early and permit polygamy for men Muqtadir financially and physically
Masturbation of the bad habits that are widespread among young people have noted the doctors that there are health problems Xrah libel and congestion of prostate chronic abound among these young people so it is advisable not to practice this habit, especially as this usually other damage such as weakness year and sleep too much and turned to enjoy sex to be tied hand and the exercise of this habit rather the woman who created God and the Almighty for the gift of a man and a blessing for him to find the right path and legitimate health and his desire to spend, through marriage, which imposed Islam on every Muslim adult and unable to marry
Benign prostatic hypertrophy. The problem of waiting for most men after the age of fifty. Even become a feature of aging. This leads to problems with urination and sexual function and, although he did not know until now the main cause of this problem but that through many studies that examined the emergence of this problem early in some men than others, he advised some of the things that will reduce inflation or late appearance and these things such as avoiding excessive prolongation of the period of sexual intercourse, stay away from masturbation, keep washing after intercourse which removes tension that took place in the body during sexual intercourse
Prostate cancer is the sixth most dangerous cancer causing death in the world. Most cases affect men in the age of fifty or above. Diagnosis and early treatment raise the survival rate. The difficulty of urine, pain during and the presence of blood and pain in the back and buttocks of the signs of the disease. The examination anal regular (every six months) of the man who is over the age of forty five tests of simple and important in the early detection of prostate cancer in addition to other tests is the examination of a sample of blood to make sure that there are some enzymes that do not appear only when the injured man of cancer. The risk of infection in people who have family history of patients. The more high fat diet the risk of injury is also
A study on the usefulness of new medical mission to garlic and onions in reducing the risk of men with prostate cancer. The scientists found that foods rich in garlic, onions, leeks, reduce the exposure of men for prostate cancer by about half, because they contain compounds that "today" active against free radicals, harmful, which occurs naturally in the body after handling food, and lead to premature aging and cancer growth. Scientists believe that men can eat ten grams of at least garlic, onions, leeks, and vegetables like, a day to enjoy the best protection, noting that this amount is equivalent to two lobes and a half of garlic raw, but it is unacceptable to many people, so the lobes of one of the garlic cooked a little with quotas good of other vegetables may be inadequate
U.S. researchers said that farmers who use pesticides in particular seems to suffer from higher prostate cancer risk. The researchers who published their study in the American Journal of Epidemiology, the results of previous studies show that farmers are more exposed than others to the risk of this cancer. This shows that the risk of prostate cancer increases by 14% among those dealing with pesticides, compared with the rest of the population. It also threatens to pesticides Mtaatian khat plant, which is usually filled with pesticides and that makes sure farmers to the frequent introduction of pesticides and chemical fertilizers by up to grow and are harvested as soon as possible to achieve profits of large financial at the expense of thousands of people who use this tree which is planted and abuse religious taboo and internationally in many countries of the world
Completed a scientific study that American men who eat large amounts of zinc have an increased risk of prostate cancer. The team of the U.S. National Cancer Institute that men who ate more than one hundred milligrams of zinc per day have an increased risk of advanced stage of prostate cancer more than doubled compared to those who do not eat
A study conducted by researchers that the daily consumption of green tea reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Professor Colin Binns from Curtin University in Perth (Western Australia) newspaper
(West australian)
The Chinese researchers compared 130 Chinese cases of prostate cancer patients with 274 others do not suffer from this disease. He added that the
The result showed that the risk of prostate cancer down three times in men who drank tea per day compared with men who do not drink tea
Study revealed that eating fatty fish such as salmon, herring or mackerel, could reduce significantly the risk of prostate cancer. The Finnish researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, the analysis conducted for the men did not eat fish during the period of 30 years have shown they are more susceptible to prostate cancer, two or three times of those who eat fish regularly
Inflammation of the prostate
Inflammation of the prostate common occurrence, it is estimated that half of the men suffer from symptoms of prostatitis at some time in their lives. Prostate is a walnut-sized gland located below the bladder surrounding the prostate and urinary urethra (urine canal), such as the cake. We can say that the inflammation of the prostate
Compete with prostate cancer
prostate cancer
And benign prostate hypertrophy
benign prostatic hyperplasia - BPH
With respect to incidence rates, prevalence, and the number of medical consultations, with an estimated incidence in the United States
Five to eight percent
Prostatitis syndromes represent a clinical entity, a common and collected together in one classification because it is all the symptoms and clinical signs associated with prostate gland disorders. Previously classified into four clinical entities
Bacterial severe acute bacterial
Chronic bacterial chronic bacterial
No bacterial abacterial
Prostate pain - Brostadtodinea
The function of the prostate is making liquid and enzymes that contribute to the formation of semen and necessary for male fertility. When suffering from prostate inflammation, it can affect the flow of urine, thus causing the onset of symptoms
In 1995 has been a renewed interest in inflammation of the prostate after a consensus conference of the National Institute of Diabetes and kidney disease and digestive system in the United States of America, have since been the focus of increasing knowledge about the prevalence, causes and Pathogenesis and treatment of
The so-called chronic pelvic pain syndromes
chronic pelvic pain syndromes
What are the reasons
Causes inflammation of the prostate is unknown in 90% of cases, and the remaining percentage is caused by bacteria. Was long attributed to inflammation of the prostate to the level of sex hormones, types of food, previous sexually transmitted diseases, stress, psychological factors, empathy, and social status. It has some of the researchers trying to detect the causes Vtm study the effect of age, race, germs, including viruses and sexually transmitted diseases nationality, uric acid, sexual activity and many other factors. But still tend to blame the bacteria cause a fundamental
Diagnosis of acute bacterial prostatitis is directly and easily in the laboratory. But on the other hand, the laboratory diagnosis of chronic prostatitis and prostate pain (Brostadtodinea) represents a special challenge. Chronic Inflammation of the prostate has a poor record of treatment success. Recent studies suggest that the cases are described as non-bacterial prostatitis chronic (Brostadtodinea) could actually be due to an infectious disease. Some patients start linking their symptoms to sexual activity - sometimes be linked to the occurrence of acute inflammation of the urethra (urethritis), while others did not show any relationship to sexual activity
The use of antibiotics may lead to the demise of the symptoms temporarily. There are several microbes associated with the occurrence of this syndrome,
Such as Trakmonas vaginalis
Trichomonas vaginalis
Chlamydia Trakumates
Chlamydia trachomatis
And viruses
These data controversial, as some researchers have failed to find these tiny microbes in the farms or that they had found, in rare circumstances. Laboratory analysis has difficulty because of the presence of inhibitor in the secretion of the prostate, in addition to the previous multi-use of antibiotics
Bacterial infection may occur to the prostate gland due to infection of the urethra (urethritis), a bacterial infection or due to reflux
Contaminated urine in the prostatic ducts draining into the urethra. Included other possible ways of infection from the bacteria invade the rectum (the end of the intestine). There is no link between prostate inflammation and bacterial infection urinary tract infection, when the patient suffers acute bacterial inflammation of the prostate, get a sudden fever, and signs and symptoms of urinary tract infection recognized
Chronic bacterial prostatitis is characterized by insidious disease relapse ongoing urinary tract infection and the continuous presence of bacteria in the prostate in spite of repeated use of multiple antibiotics. There is a third syndrome, a chronic inflammation of the prostate self
chronic idiopathic prostatitis
(Sometimes called a bacterial inflammation of the prostate, or prostate inflammation or pain is not a bacterial prostatitis - Brostadtodinea). In this type may be mixed with the prostate secretion of excess numbers of cells resulting from infection and probably there is no bacteria in the farm. Vafraz prostate from many patients appear normal. That is why recent studies suggest that there is no discrimination for prostate pain (Brostadtodinea) for non-bacterial prostatitis
Many researchers feel that the majority of patients with prostate be caused by infection with the bacterium, but often is not found on the pathogen that causes inflammation. And some researchers claim to increase the duration of the farm to 5 days instead of two days and others are calling for the use of techniques such as the BBC encyclical titled CR
To try to detect the bacterial genetic parts. If you find those signals germ can be expected to respond to treatment with antibiotics, although not exist, it would be better to avoid the expense and side effects resulting from the use of unnecessary and prolonged antibiotics, and move the time to treatment by anti-inflammatory drugs neuromuscular which may be the best choice in these cases
Is still an open question whether the yeasts
Any active role in patients with inflammation of the prostate and some researchers believe that the fungi
Role in the inflammation of the prostate, particularly when attempts fail treatment with antibiotics
Inflammation of the prostate for the treatment of all kinds have been several studies in the medical use of drugs especially benign prostate enlargement, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, heat therapy, and various other drugs
Antibiotics are the cornerstone of treatment, although the results of agriculture are often negative. The reason for this non-documented use of antibiotics back to that many patients benefit from this
Recurrent prostate massage
prostate massage
Who was considered the traditional treatment and standard of inflammation of the prostate for decades (which was suspended after 1968), it is used again, and the reason for this is partly because of the inability of conventional medical treatment to improve symptoms of most patients, but also because of the belief that the bacterial infection chronic exist in the prostate gland channels are blocked in the form of very small abscesses. The combination of massage prostate, antibiotics for treatment in resistant cases and difficult may help, but the final value must be proven by studies
Unconventional use of some types of food gained popularity in the treatment of chronic pelvic pain syndromes, some patients improved their condition after the use of quercetin
Which was recently marketed under the name Brousta - Q
There is another interesting option which antibiotics alpha
Such as
Which is used to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy. Although the mechanism of their impact is still unclear, but may improve the reported cases of patients
Heat treatment using radio waves Almikrua also reported to improve the condition of some patients